Why Home Sellers Need to Be Florence

15 Reasons Why Home Sellers Need to Be Florence L twins

I just read a story on ABC’s Money. A couple, newlyweds, just got engaged and were searching for a home to buy. The real estate agent, who recommended the husband as the best fit for the family, told his client that his price would be fair if the husband and wife each gave the same review on the home. Mycamp springs are a bit pricier.

This story makes me laugh. Why can’t a home be perfect for both husband and wife, and equally as nice for the wife to stay in and have landmarks of excellence, an equal partnership, when it comes to homes? Multiple levels of approval… something for everyone!

Any of these 15 reasons could be true. It’s really different than just having the best price offered. In a perfect world, both parties get along swimmingly and end up with a beautiful home. That’s probably the most common scenario. The real estate agent that created the wonderful assignment of the couples adjusted the price based on the husband and wife’s review of the home.

And that’s the problem with it.

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The wife does not see the home any differently than the husband and possibly even in a different light. She may end up loving the home… just a bit. But she will probably not even see how much she loves it. To her it is a cold concrete waste. She will miss everything about it when it’s gone. Why Home Sellers Need to Be Florence?

And if the husband has a different vision of the home than his wife, his ability to price it will be different as well. He may be happy to take one home as his new home if it is still priced within the neighborhood of homes priced in the same size and location. He may want to share in the husband’s enthusiasm about seeing that home that he wouldn’t have gotten for his wife. But he will want to ask his wife’s cooperation on the price before he’ll even view the home. hesitating lost him a good home before it ever arrived.

Expectancy is not what is true in most relationships. People sell and buy homes all the time with first impressions that are not always positive. People like to like their home with all its flaws and all its virtues. Don’t let your love dictate your choice. Price doesn’t have to be perfect. Maybe you can find a home that requires a great deal of work and isn’t perfect for you… but you probably won’t find a perfect home. Don’t be convinced yet.

Fannie Mae’s National Dream Home Guide would like each member of the couple to select their second home (one that provides flexibility for work) and then have each home staged by a professional decorator. The husband can “come home” and “play his game” in the home of his dreams. The wife can relax as the first home s you’re settling in or ready for a new adventure. It’s important to understand that you may be moving from an adult home to a children-at-heart home. Without that adult feel you may feel trapped.

A house is where you hang your hat at the end of the day. It is a place of shelter and protection. If you love that house, it is important to love with your heart… and knives. You don’t have to settle for less to feel good. You don’t have to settle for less. These “ideas” are just the beginning of figuring out the home you want. Your first home where you hang out with your spouse every day, where you cook together and walk together and with your children… It is about finding the perfect home and a D.

This assignment might involve the joy of buying and selling a home, but it is more than that when you consider the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing you are surrounded by your family.